-The BJJ Primer- Learning Jiu-Jitsu, From The Ground Up

The BJJ Primer Is THE Essential Video Course For All New BJJ Students Helping You Understand BJJ and How It Works.

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Fundamental Movements and Safety Guidelines

Before learning techniques, you want to know how to avoid getting hurt. While BJJ is one of the safest martial arts, not knowing how to protect yourself from gravity or to move or stand up properly can leave you frustrated and hurt. 

The Core Strategy of BJJ

All of BJJ is based on 1 strategy for overcoming a bigger, faster, stronger person - which has been used successfully in real-life situations for nearly 100 years. 

Positioning 101: The 4 Basic Positions

Most schools will jump right into teaching you a technique - an escape, submission or a sweep or guard pass. Without understanding the 4 basic positions and the general theory behind them, you will feel lost for weeks or months. 


Understanding The Guard

The position that separates BJJ from other grappling arts, the guard is made clear in this short section. Understand what to look for on - both on top and on bottom. 

Gameplanning: Know What You're Looking For

The #1 frustration of new BJJ students is not being sure what to do in various positions. This simple 3-part gameplan will help you know what you're looking for in every basic position. 

Structured, Professional BJJ Learning

Created By BJJ Black Belt, Champion Competitor, School Owner and renown teacher, Professor Elliott Bayev, The BJJ Primer Will Shave Months or Years Off Your BJJ Journey.


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